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India had witnessed a paradigm shift in the 90s. Indian culture was nourished with globalization policies. Though a remarkable boon was observed in the Indian economy, it has crippled the same in many ways. In celebrating our successes and boons, it is equally important to see the issues we face. India is the 2nd largest country on globe with population of 1.21 billion. The figures show that India represents almost 17.31% of the world's population, which means one out of six people on this planet live in India. This huge population has resulted in weakening of nation’s socio economic fabrics.

We at Shafa understood how deeply these issues are interconnected and inter-related. One cannot merely focus on aspects without understanding the real cause and what issues could be born out of it. Although Shafa works primarily with drug addicts, however its Holistic treatment approach, interventions and focus, is not merely addressing an individual or a particular issue in isolation but every aspect on an addict’s society, be it a distorted married relation, a rebellious child as result of broken family, old parents neglected due to an alcoholic son, or a deviant child.

SHAFA realized the need for starting such a consolidated programme, on a larger scale, that would follow the Therapeutic Community model. It is with this vision in mind that Shafa aims to expand its therapeutic community programmes to work on various levels, to understand these multiple social issues and hence to create a model of therapeutic community that addresses the larger canvas of problems affecting the nation at large.

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Four-sided approach of Therapeutic Community Model and long-term treatment program at SHAFA rejuvenates the primordial spirits of the addict and take him on a journey of regainment of health and total bliss.

The therapeutic community model thus can be best described as a process of self-change or self-renewal that comes from a deep experience of perceiving life in a different light. Thus there is a relationship in the progression of the treatment and the increasing awareness of the recovering......


By its community outreach program, major interventions are conducted in education, health care, legal assistance, referral services, awareness generation and sensitization. The emphasis therefore is on seeing the larger picture and finding ways to treat those social issues that threaten or affect the normal functioning of our society.

Finally, it would not be out of place to say that Shafa is committed to build a nation where eradicating a social problem is not a rare occurrence but rather a norm.
“The isolation and seclusion of the addict is broken and he is reintroduced into the currents of the river of life”

When I came here in SHAFA, I initially felt trapped and was totally close minded and angry with every one especially my family. I had started my addiction with smoking at the age of 15yrs, that turned into serious drinking and multiple addiction before I completed 18yrs.

As told bt Piyush, Punjab
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